I love food, which is good I need it to survive, but my problem is that I love all of the food that's not good for me. Luckily today is "National Eat What You Want" Day and I may partake and worry about it tomorrow, it doesn't happen to be "Magically Lose 10 Lbs Day" tomorrow, does it?

Reading what 'day' it was, got me thinking. If I honestly had a day where I could eat whatever I wanted. That would mean that allergies and calories were pushed aside and I could eat anything, what would I want?

Internationally, paella from Spain would be on my list, as would wine & cheese from Paris, sushi from Japan but I can't get to those places today so then I thought more local. If I could choose any food locally and I could eat whatever I wanted with no consequences, what would it be?

For breakfast, I'm from Schenectady so I think in my hometown before anything else so I'd head right over to Peter Pause or take the drive to "Poopie's" DiManno's Lunch in Glens Falls for a delicious way to start the morning.

For my next food, I'd be hard pressed to not say that a stop in my hometown at one of our amazing Italian restaurants for some homemade pasta like Johnny's (Downtown), Armando's (Rotterdam), Ferrari's (Schenectady) or Canale's (Rotterdam) for example. Then I'd add a bit of protein in the form of sushi where I'd stop at either Shogun (Albany), Jasmine Thai (Rotterdam) or Mr. Wasabi (Schenectady). I'd still end up wanting to add a burger or pizza to this meal somewhere too but I can't pick all the foods I'd want to eat and not go for dessert!

My first choice would be cookies from Bake for You (Albany). I don't know what secret ingredient she puts in those cookies but they're amazing. That or Butter and Sugar Co (Troy) to get some bread pudding. Also, ending with a tour of all of the apple cider donuts in the area because I'm a New Yorker, it's Eat What You Want day and that's what I want! If you could choose one thing in the Capital Region what would it be?

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