mysterious wild animal on the loose. Well now it seems it can be easily explained, or can it?
 A resident in the Buckingham Pond neighborhood contacted CBS6 to let them know that it was all a big misunderstanding. Lisa Van Ryn claims that the "wild animal" in the photo obtained by Albany Police is really her Maine Coon cat, Chester. He is shaven down and the similarities to his tail and the grainy photo look similar.

WTEN News10 ABC twitter photo
WTEN News10 ABC twitter photo

Chester's owner claims that he gets a bit cranky so he sneaks out of the house from time to time to get fresh air after being cooped up.

Lisa contacted Albany Police along with a photo to let them know. However the police have not said that they have or have not ruled out it being a wild animal instead of Chester.

Do you think it's just Chester roaming the streets?

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