Just a normal, beautiful Thursday afternoon...during rush hour.

I was going about my regular day. Actually, it was a rare event that I was simply heading home after work without having something to get to last night. Alas, I still take the same route: Central Avenue to I-87 to Alternate Rt 7 to 787 and beyond.

My commute came to a rough, smokey halt by the Boght Rd overpass on alternate Rt7.

I was ready to enjoy my evening, but didn't know my car or the roadway had other ideas. Next thing I knew my car was shaking and smoke was coming from my back tire as I guided the car to the shoulder.

What. The. (*word blocked for expletive reasons.*)

credit Marissa

I had just purchased my tires back in April and here I was dealing with something that could have, depending on how I handled it, my speed and those around me, could have seriously injured me if not worse. In the moment, adrenaline kept my okay, right now I'm still a bit shaken by the experience.

I used my AAA for only the second time in 15 years and they sent for someone to help me.

credit Marissa

His name is Rick and sure, this is his job, but he's really good at his job. I was told "within the hour" that someone would be there to help me, Rick was there in about 15 minutes. He immediately went to work on my car on a busy stretch of highway with no question about it and had me back on the road within no time. He even helped me get back in through my drivers side safely during rush hour. He definitely didn't need to.

All of this happened within 40 minutes of my life, but I know how different it all could have been. A big thank you to Rick and AAA for making me a priority during such a busy time of day and making the aftermath such an easy experience!