Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, Leon Fishman

I am a Sophomore in college and my question is this, how do you deal with over controlling parents? I mean, why won't they let me make my own decisions, even if they're the wrong ones?

They are constantly asking me about my GPA, when I'm home I still have a curfew, I'm not allowed to enter into any contract without my Father's approval, not even a cell phone. I'm not even allowed to get a part time job because this would interfere with my studies?

I've never had a ticket (car wise not even a PARKING ticket), never been in a wreck, or out drunk one night where I had to call them, nothing.

I've been a GREAT kid growing up. So, how can I earn his trust in making my decisions? I'm a 3.5+ student in a science based degree (one my Father insisted upon obviously..) I'm just so overwhelmed with the pressure he puts on me.

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