Blake Shelton's song "Sangria" is racing up the charts and I am in love with that song.

Also, he and Miranda are celebrating their 4 year anniversary this week, plus today is Friday!  So I thought all of those were good reasons to make a batch of Sangria and bring it in for Sean, Richie and I to sample and enjoy on the air together.

So I looked up some recipes and found a couple of good ones.  I made red sangria and white!  Both delicious summer choices.  I drove them all here, and put them in the fridge.

There wasn't any room in the fridge, so I moved two 2-liters of soda and put my plastic pitchers in the door.

Well, Dan America, a co-worker from one of our other radio stations swung the refrigerator door open so hard that both freakin' pitchers flew off the bottom shelf and shattered on the floor.  The door of the fridge even broke!


Now our entire building smells like Sangria, and no one even got a chance to taste it.  WTF!