The Backstreet Boys are teaming up with Florida Georgia Line, Fuller House is on Netflix and now this 90's beverage is making a comeback for the summer?!

I can't be the only one excited that the 90's are seemingly throwing up in 2016?! I am a true 90's girl at heart so all of the news of different nostalgia always gets me super pumped. Like a possible Spice Girls reunion? Sign me up! Ecto-Cooler? Yes please! But, this one. This takes the cake. Or should I say drink?

Crystal Pepsi is coming back just in time for the summer! Pepsi announced on Wednesday that the clear soda will hit shelves once again coming up August 8th here in the US, with Canada getting it a bit sooner (awfully lucky, eh) July 11th.

In the meantime, as you anxiously await the first crisp, cool, Crystal Pepsi here while enjoying the summer sun in the Capital Region, go check out the limited online game that Pepsi released at the time of their announcement.

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