Here is the daily dilemma for Tuesday, February 14th, 2012:

"Last week, I heard the dilemma where the lady was upset that her family liked her ex more then her current boyfriend. Well I have the opposite problem.  My girlfriend’s family LOVES me and I love them, but it’s putting pressure on the relationship.  We both agreed to take it slow, but now her family keeps making comments about marriage and even kids.  It’s WAY too early for any of that.  Ever since this started she and I fight more and even take “time outs."  It’s really putting a strain on our relationship, I keep telling her she should tell them to back off and she keeps telling me to just ignore it.  Who is right?"

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I have to admit we went a little off topic with some of the callers but boy did we have a lot of fun, if you want a good laugh or two listen to what our callers had to say today.