One at a time, by the handful, or by the container.  Trader Joes, Tierra Farms, or CVS brand quality I can't stop eating dark chocolate covered almonds.  Experts will tell you that there are health benefits to eating them, I hope the way I eat em, qualifies.

Not to bore you with the details, but I can seriously devour these bad boys.  Last night, after I went through my second 8 oz container of dark chocolate covered almonds in what felt like 20 minutes, I decided to do a little research.   Turns out, they are relatively healthy for you.  But like anything, you should snack in moderation.

According to, Dark chocolate-covered almonds provide 149 calories per oz. Watch your portions, as it is very easy to eat more than 1 oz.  I've probably eaten 16 X the recommended serving over the course of a few days. Yikes!!!  I feel like I need to start jogging to work in the morning. However, almonds, like many other nuts, offer the body heart-protective benefits, according to the Harvard Medical School. They may lower blood cholesterol levels as well as improve blood vessel function.  Boom...I don't feel so bad after all.  Could be worse, there's always a few bag of chips I could be diving into!

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