Relationships are hard for so many reasons, this one is an age old dilemma that many people face, how to divide the housework. These days it is very common not just for both partners to work but for both to work long hours. Keeping up with everything else in an adult life can be truly impossible at times. So after years of not getting the support you believe you are entitled to, what do you do? That is what our listener is asking you today.


Lets see what our listener wrote in: “My boyfriend and me have been together for eight years and have two children together.  We both work.  The problem is, he never helps with the cleaning and instead, likes to play video games.  When I ask him to help out, he says he will “in a minute,” but never gets around to it.  I don’t want to seem like I’m nagging, but how do I get him to pitch in?”
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Here is what the callers had to say about today's dilemma:


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