Did you know that one out of three dogs will be diagnosed with cancer? I didn't, but after learning about one dog's story, I want to help bring a voice to k-9 cancer.

Michele Newman-Gehrum, founder of the Mutt Strut, says that the idea came about after she lost her lifelong companion, Ni, to cancer.  Gehrum says "It was during her illness that I learned I was empowered by staying educated and remaining informed. Since Ni’s passing I pledged to be a voice for the voiceless by advocating, growing, sharing, educating, and learning with others who are affected by this devastating disease. Our mission remains to help preserve the human/animal bond by fostering togetherness while equipping others with knowledge."

On Friday, June 10, 2011 at 6pm you are invited to help the cause by bringing your dog to'Ni's Mutt Strut,' a 2 mile fun walk, at the Crossings in Colonie.  You can pre-register at SAMAFUND.ORG!

All proceeds raised will help rehabilitate senior animals, provide a safe haven for terminal senior animals, and provide PAWSPICE care for terminal residents.  In addition, your support will help aid more senior animals that are surrendered to shelters across the states, and you'll help provide nutritious food and medication for those currently in care.