It is so important to check the part of the machine where you insert your credit card. It may be an ATM or a gas station pump. Whatever the device, more and more skimming devices are showing up in the Capital Region.

 I am always checking to see if the credit card devices I am using are compromised. However, it isn't always easy to see if a skimmer has been placed on a device to steal your personal information.

The latest skimming devices have been found in Montgomery County. There have been several found at convenience stores in Amsterdam and Fonda. Devices have been found in Saratoga, Warren, Bennington and Berkshire counties.

These thieves are getting creative too. It is almost impossible to see the skimmers because now they are putting them inside the gas pumps.

Police and store owners are asking customers if they notice anything that appears to be off with the gas pumps or ATMs they use, to alert employees or police.

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