There's An App For That! You could soon be using your smartphone to pay for parking in downtown Albany.

Now, your first thought may be - how will they monitor parking if you pay with your phone. You can't exactly leave it on your dashboard to prove you air, right? Well, technology always has an answer.

According to All Over Albany, a new app is being developed that would have you pay by spot, or even more convenient, pay by license plate number. Matt Peter of the Parking Authority told All Over Albany the 'pay and display' units that were deployed in the last decade are actually nearing the end of their life-span. Hence the need to develop the next phase of paid parking.

Now the beautiful thing about paying via an app with your license plate number - there is no need to run back to your car to pay for more parking. You can do it right from your phone!

Ya know, the more convenient they make it for you to pay for parking or tolls, it almost makes you forget how annoying paying for both really is. Almost.

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