What was already an interesting story has taken another twist as the missing Whiteface skier returned to the Adirondacks to try to piece together his journey with authorities.

It's not everyday someone goes missing in the snow covered wilderness and is then found 3,000 miles away. But that is exactly what happened to Constantinos "Danny" Fillipidis after he was reported missing last week at Whiteface Mountain: he turned up several days later in Sacramento, California. And according to an article in the Adirondack Explorer, he can't remember how he got there!

Fillipidis told police he doesn't recall what transpired during the 6 days he was missing. According to the Explorer, when he was met by authorities in Sacramento he was still wearing some of his ski gear. Fillipidis told the Explorer he thinks he injured his head while skiing and may have 'crawled into a truck for shelter...'

Police are still investigating the matter to try to figure out exactly what happened, but the Explorer says has has not been charged with any crimes at this point because he really did't break any laws. Police have not rule out he went to California on purpose.

Whatever happened here, once we get the full story it will be interesting. I myself have ended up across country without know how I got there, and when the story came back to me it was pretty nutty!  That's a blog for another day :)

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