I feel like fall just started and already we're seeing "snow" in the news. I don't mind the colder temperatures, I'm just not ready for winter yet.

I happened to see a video from Whiteface Mountain over the weekend where they had snow already on the mountain. Not man-made, snow, real, from mother nature snow. Now, I'm hearing from New York Upstate that it's not just a mountain thing, we may be seeing some in the Capital Region this week!

Thankfully, we won't have to look out for much, will probably be less than an inch and not even stick to the roads but guys, it's still snow. Apparently, another cold front will bring in more rain for Wednesday, and then added with the colder weather could turn into snow on Wednesday night.


I looked on The Weather Channel website for this Wednesday and so far, for Schenectady, it just says "PM Showers" but the temperature will be below freezing so don't be surprised if  you see flurries on your way out of Secret Star tomorrow night.

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