Mindy McCready had been in the news quite a few times over the past years and sadly not because of her talent as a singer.

She was actually involved in the Roger Clemens steroid scandal in congress and was a witness and testified about her dealings with Clemens when she was a minor. She had some stories involving domestic violence as a victim. She was on "Celebrity Rehab" with Dr. Drew and her boyfriend was recently killed. McCready had stated publicly she had nothing to do with his murder, and she was questioned in connection. We will never know. Mindy McCready was a childhood singing sensation whose life moved too fast, way too early and caused a lot of problems for her as an adult. She leaves behind two sons. I just wanted to say that she was incredibly talented and if she could have gotten help which she so dearly needed she would probably still be putting out hit music in country radio. My thoughts and prayers to her family and her children. Let's remember the talent of Mindy here with one of her biggest hits "Ten Thousand Angels".

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