Secret Star has to be one of my favorite concerts of the year. A sold out show where you have no idea who is going to be there. Well, while you were still guessing, I was backstage with one of the acts and learned how much they knew about Disney movies.

Right after they got off-stage with their soundcheck, I had the opportunity to interview one of your Secret Star performers, Midland. Being from Schenectady, I had to correct them when they said they were in Albany but that's where the interview took a turn. Somehow we went from spelling Schenectady properly, to Jonathan Taylor Thomas, to "The Lion King," to "The Little Mermaid," and somewhere in there, I got a little information on their next album.

Mark, Cam, and Jess are hilarious and I will have to say, that we weren't lying, right after this interview was over, the first thing we did was Google "The Little Mermaid."

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