College Week continues on 'GNA, and so does "Write A Song For Your Mama" week, courtesy of Proflowers.  This time it's for Michele Moss of Slingerlands

Screen Shot Michele Moss
photo by Richie Phillips

I had a little bit of trouble on this one, mostly because I was singing the song in direct sunlight outside at Schenectady County Community College and couldn't see my screen.  Oh well.  I gave it my best shot given the circumstances.

I guess Michele has some great credentials, according to her son Dylan who contacted me with the information about her.  I couldn't fit all of it into the parody of Kacy Musgrave's "Biscquits".  (This is her favorite song).  Lyrics to follow

Married to her husband for 28 years they say
Stay at home grandma with another on the way
3 loving children including a set of twins
She's getting pro flowers that's where the fun begins
So here' to Michele
No she is no rookie
An experienced mom
Who makes her own cookies
(lyrics that never made it to the video due to the darn sun)
They're the chocolate kind and they're really fillin'
this little song comes from your son Dylan
Congratulations, Michele!

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