It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since Niko Dinovo died due to his injuries, but his family and friends are keeping his memory alive.

The story rocked the Capital Region. In 2016, Niko Dinovo was involved in a car accident with the restaurant bar, Blessings in Colonie. He ended up severely burned and through his treatment there were many ups and downs. Sadly, last March, he succumbed to his injuries.

Now, a year later, his family, friends, and community have decided to keep his memory alive in one of his favorite parks, Cook Park, according to WNYT, in the form of a new bench. The bench reads, "In Memory of Niko David Dinovo. Come sit with me, come talk to me, come feel me, I am always here #NikoLove 2000-2018, according to a picture on News10.

The family also took the time to announce "Niko's Gifts" at the event, a partnership with the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley. Next, the town will be raising money to add a sculpture to the memorial.

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