The Mega Millions jackpot was not won last night -- unfortunate for anyone who played.  However, the jackpot has now become mega big!  Fortunately, for the rest of us who forgot to play or don't typically partake, the jackpot is being rolled over into this Friday's drawing and$237-million will be up for grabs.

I'm not an avid lottery player, but I might just have to run out and play some numbers for Friday's drawing.  I think probably one of the reasons I don't play much is because I feel slightly intimidated by the purchase of lottery tickets.   I compare playing lotto numbers to ordering a coffee at Starbucks.  There are just so many options and, if you aren't a frequent buyer, you aren't up on the lingo and feel like you're holding everyone up trying to make up your mind.

I did some research for those who are like me and don't typically try their luck.  To specifically play Mega Millions, you pick five different numbers from one to 56.  Then you pick your sixth number between one and 46.  Each play costs one dollar, giving you a grand total of six-dollars.

What would be better than ringing in the New Year, $237-million richer?  Or if you take the cash option on that prize, it comes out to be $150-point-eight million.  I mean, it definitely goes with or without saying -- "hey, ya never know!"

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