We met a really nice woman recently that I'd like to introduce you to.  This lady can TRULY be the life of your party …

She's Abigail Thurston and she has a new startup that I wanted to tell you about.

Abigail is the self proclaimed "Twisty Balloon Gal", and she had a chance to prove it recently at Kevin Richards and my 'Cabin Fever' party.

Dorrie happened to meet Abigail completely by chance at a local party supply store.  It seems they were both  shopping for  ….you guessed it.. BALLOONS.  They stuck up a conversation and Abigail generously agreed to bring some to our event and show her wares.

The tables looked fantastic when she was done.  Not only did every seating have one of her helium filled displays, but in the front of the room she created this huge palm tree!!!

twisty balloon gal abigail thurston
photo by Michele Miller

She's very talented, to say the least.  We wanted to give her a shout-out, so we thought this might be the best way to do it!

You can check out her website at TheTwistyBalloonGal.com.

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