I couldn't help but to overhear a conversation in the office between Chrissy and her mom Nancy today regarding the Newschannel 13 story about Mechanicville residents complaining about water that smells awful and looks like "chocolate milk".   It was actually quite hilarious.  Mechanicville residents have been informed that the water is safe to drink, but when pressed by Chrissy,  Nancy fired back, "I ain't drinkin' it, no way!!!"

Chrissy was trying to talk her mother 'off the ledge' as Nancy fumed and agreed with residents that's its disgusting and while it may have improved on Monday, it was back to being brown and repulsive looking on Tuesday.  Nancy, her tone growing increasingly irritated, explained that she'll only drink bottled water and showers in it "because I don't have God***n choice!"

In an attempt to get more answers from the city regarding this concerning Mechanicville issue, Nancy called the City Garage and they told her "it's just too much iron" in the water and that it is safe to drink.  "To hell with that" Nancy continued, "They said the same thing last year!"  The murky saga surrounding Mechanicville water continues.


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