The state Department of Health has released a statement saying that a healthcare worker from the Queensbury-based Hudson Healthwaters Health Network has been diagnosed with measles and you could be at risk.

When we thought the recent mumps warning in the Capital Region was the worst of it, we have just been notified of a measles diagnosis. The healthcare worker had to make a list of all locations they had been over the past few days. Residents of Saratoga and Waren counties or those who visited the area recently, who went to these locations could have been exposed, according to the Times Union.

If you visted any of these locations, then you may have been exposed:

  • Home Depot (specifically the garden section) on Route 50, Saratoga; between 12PM-2PM on June 5th
  • Hudson Healthwaters Health Network, Warrensburg Health Center; between 7:25AM-7PM on June 6th
  • Hudson Healthwaters Health Network, on Carey Rd in Queensbury; 7AM-12:15PM on June 7th
  • Hudson Healthwaters Health Network, Warrensburg Health Center; between 10:30AM-6:30PM on June 7th
  • Saratoga Stadium Restaurant, on Broadway in Saratoga; between 6:15AM-9:30PM on June 7th
  • Hudson Healthwaters Health Network, West Mountain Health Services; between 7:45AM-10:35AM on June 8th

The disease is highly contagious and spread by contact with nasal and throat secretions. If you're suffering from a runny nose, cough,and slight fever that gradually rises each day. You may see small bluish dots on the inside of your mouth and after a few days, a blotchy rash will show on the skin.

If you're born before January 1, 1957 and received two doses of MMR vaccine, it is unlikely you will catch the disease. Health care providers in the area have all been notified, if you suspect you've been infected report it to your local county health department.

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