There is a "national" day for just about anything! Don't believe me? HERE...see it for yourself.

I love to check 'em out and see what today "is" because it's almost always something I'm not expecting. Like as I'm typing this it is currently "National Escargot Day." (so, uh go munch on some snail?)

As I scrolled to the 25th, I saw a beautiful sight: National Wine Day.

Zac Brown Band wine tasting, courtesy of Marissa
Zac Brown Band wine tasting, courtesy of Marissa

No matter what your wine of choice (all the wine!) it's important to celebrate in style. Especially since it'll be landing on a Thirsty Thursday! Oh, I know how great that is. Don't you worry, it didn't slip past me on how amazing of an excuse all of this is to get over to Rafferty's or Peddlers and hit the patio with a nice glass of chardonnay. So, wherever and however you plan to do celebrate - enjoy and do it responsibly! Wine it up and get ready for your memorial day weekend! Spring is here!

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