A concrete pump truck was taken from a job site in the Adirondacks this week, and State Police in New York are asking for the public's help to locate this rather large rig.

How long has this truck been missing?

According to New York State Police, the 2016 Mack, concrete pumper truck. was taken from a job site located at 1547 State Route 9, Schroon Lake, NY, in the town of Schroon on Wednesday morning.  As of today, police haven't been able to find it

Concrete Pump Truck Photo: NYSP
Concrete Pump Truck Photo: NYSP
Concrete Pump Truck Photo: NYSP Anyone with information is asked to contact SP Lewis at 518-873-2750
Concrete Pump Truck Photo: NYSP Anyone with information is asked to contact SP Lewis at 518-873-2750
  • State Police say that the truck was seen on Tuesday at 4 p.m. when it was parked at the job site.
  • When the workers returned to the job site around 6:00 a.m. on October 18, 2023, the truck was gone.
  • The description of the truck; is a white cab with red flames on the truck cab doors, bed of the truck is gray.
  • Anyone with information is asked to contact SP Lewis at 518-873-2750

What's a concrete pump truck?

A concrete pump truck is a large, diesel-power truck equipped with a powerful pump, that helps you transfer freshly mixed concrete to the worksite when and where it's needed.

It's a bit surprising that a vehicle this large could go missing for days on end, but many people who know the owner of the truck have been hustling on social media, alerting people that it's missing.

A Facebook friend of the owner of the stolen rig shared the photos from the NYSP while asking people to keep an eye out for this rather large, and hard-to-miss pumper truck.

These rigs are top-heavy, most likely a professional job. (They could be) heading to Canada or the Port is my idea, but please keep your eyes open anywhere. Very few around, should stand out. If you see something, say something. Stolen from Patrick Tirado Concrete. 

No Bones about It! House in Rensselaer County Slays it Every Year

Is this the most spooktacular house in Rensselaer County? It could be...
I guess you could say that this is one Halloween House in Rensselaer County putting the howl in Halloween, perhaps even the kill in Poestenkill. 

See the 80 + decorations outside of a house in Poestenkill that has become an annual drive-thru for families and is so popular, that it stops traffic!

But there's not a whole lot to be afraid of, most of the Halloween decorations that adorn Patricia Voellm-Pasinello's home are fun and silly, not frightful or chilling.

The home is located at 282 Snyder’s Corners Road, in Poestenkill, and Voellm-Pasinello tells us that it's normal for traffic in the area to get jammed up a bit as it gets closer to Halloween.

We spoke to Patricia last year, and she told us that she invests dozens of hours to make her display really stand out.
"I have about 50+ hours invested so far," she told us. "There are about 80+ 5-ft Skeletons dressed as characters from movies, as music stars, and some just fun ones!"

Voellm-Pasinello also tells us that she has werewolves, a giant witch, two dragons, three 12-foot skeletons, and more.

When asked about the reaction she gets from neighbors, Voellm-Pasinello says they're all pretty much "good sport" but she does get a few eye-rolls when the traffic gets backed up, but added that, "none have ever complained to me!"

That's good to hear, and if they have a problem with the display, they can take it up with skeletons.

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

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