Do you need a Christmas Tree? A Massachusetts family is giving away a beautiful tree from their front yard (for free) because they don't know what else to do with it and had a pretty unconventional way of advertising it.

Full disclosure, my Mom shares a lot of things on Facebook and a lot of time I just scroll passed it, until I saw this tree. A family is Massachusetts has a beautiful spruce tree growing in their front yard and they just don't want it any more since it's blocking their house. They are offering it for tree to anyone who will pay to cut it down and remove it. The picture of the tree quickly started trending all because of a Facebook Marketplace advertisement that currently has more than 3,000 shares within the last week!

Whenever I look at Facebook Marketplace it's usually around 100 people talking about their garage sales, I love that this family is looking to brighten someone's Christmas (while also getting their mission accomplished too). Could they cut it down for firewood? Sure, but they don't want to. Katie Hand Flynn, posted on the ad "We need to cut this spruce tree down in our front yard . It’s just gotten too big and blocks our house. Does anyone have any use for it for a Christmas Tree or know of a town that may want it. It is such a beautiful tree I hate to just cut for firewood."

All you need is a means to cut it down and take it away and this big beautiful tree could be yours!

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