It was late Wednesday night, when New York State Police received a call about someone that was possibly driving a red pickup truck, drunk after he was leaving a Ballston Lake restaurant.

Drink and Keys

The troopers saw the truck on Round Lake Road, and tried to pull it over. When they did, the driver drove the truck off of the road and onto the shoulder. When the driver stopped, he allegedly got out of the truck, and ran into the woods. Apparently, he thought that he put his truck into park, but actually put it into reverse. That caused the unoccupied truck to crash into the front of the trooper’s vehicle.

Troopers went on a search for the driver, but that didn’t last long. They caught up to the driver, 23-year-old Paul J. Sims from Waterford. According to the article in The Times Union, the troopers tried to give Sims a breathalyzer test, but he allegedly refused. He was then arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated, along with other traffic violations.

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