Over the last few years we have all lived through some bad economic news in one way or another. Hopefully, things are starting to turn around, and in some areas the economic picture beginning to look a little brighter, but certainly not everywhere. Budgets continue to be tight in a tough economy (especially in local government), but here is something you don't typically see- a manager firing himself. 

It happened in Texas. The City Manager for the City of Keller, Dan O'Leary, laid himself off last week saying that he knew the City needed to make some staffing cuts and decided it would be himself.

He had two assistants, but instead of getting rid of them he let himself go.  No other staff reductions were planned.

According to an article in the The Keller Citizen, O'Leary said that his staff understood that there is a need to do things differently in local government.

It certainly seems that firing yourself comes under the category of doing things differently.

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