Tuesday is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. Who knew?  I happened to stumble upon a cool photo recently taken of what is believed to be an albino squirrel at the Crossings in Colonie.  I felt it was my duty to give some love to the furry homie on the eve of his day of recognition.  More than a few have have claimed to have seen this particular white squirrel at the Crossings, but few have been able to get a picture of the fair-haired nut hoarder.

The Reddit user who took the photo at the Crossings in Colonie recently originally thought he had snapped a photo of a rare 'albino' squirrel, but without being able to see the color of the eyes, it's hard to tell.  An albino squirrel would have reddish eyes, while simply a 'white' squirrel with a condition known as leucism, would have white hair and fur, but dark colored eyes.

Either way, it is very rare to see one of these animals as according to sources, spotting either variation of the fair-haired critter is about 1/100,000.

Rare squirrel photographed at the Crossings in Colonie by Albany reddit user u/Simpleton216


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