This little video clip will be proof positive that you don't want to mess with the Secret Service if you look even a little bit suspicious

It happened right during a CNN broadcast last nite  (I'm sure they're not  too upset about that!  During John King Live's show, somebody decided that it would be a nice idea to try to sneak onto one of the most closely guarded pieces of property in the world - The White House lawn!

(I know what you're saying to yourself:  Richie - shut up and just play the video clip!)  Well, here it is, courtesy of YOUTUBE

Did you see how long it took them to get him to the ground?  It's actually a very good advertisement for how efficient the Secret Service is at  taking someone down when they need to.

I'm sure this isn't the first or last time that you'll see this video clip, but we thought it was important to get it on here.    Have a nice day, and remember - big fences make good neighbors.

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