Over $350,000 grand? Not too shabby for a day at the track, right?

Actually, not too shabby is a serious understatement here. How about AMAZING?

According to the Daily Gazette, Dan Furman of Malta had all the luck at the track last Monday when he won $363,000 on a 'a combination of “Pick 5,” “Pick 4,” “Pick 3” and daily double tickets.'  After taxes he received a check for $287,652.

The crazy thing about Dan's win is, he is making this a habit. This is the same guy who won $115,000 back in 2014!  Now Dan did not reveal any of his secrets to the Gazette, but you can get the inside track on his racing tips at his website.

Imagine if you on that much money in one day? It would be absolutely life changing! So study up, do some research and pray for a little luck - maybe it will happen to you!

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