It's the holiday season and the worst part of shopping is finding a place to park. Lots are full and you don't want to be driving around all afternoon. Well, a mathematician may have solved the problem with this hack.

Finding a parking spot is already frustrating in a busy lot but during this time of year it's almost impossible. Inside Edition tried a bunch of different parking techniques to see which work and which are a waste of time.

The first being "circling." You know that game, where you just circle around the lot crossing your fingers that you'll be at the right place at the right time. Next, they tried "stalking" where you end up looking like a creeper following someone as they leave the mall. That issue, of course, is if they're just dropping something off.

The last way is a theory developed by mathematician Joe Pagano and it worked! Pagano has figured out the probability to figure out the best and easiest way to get a parking spot. Pagano says to first find a lot that has 20 or more spaces in an aisle. Stop and wait. Statistically, shoppers spend about 120 minutes in the mall. 120 minutes divided by the 20 spaces equals 6 minutes. If you just stop and wait, you'll probably only have to wait there about 6 minutes until a parking spot opens. Is this something you'd try? How realistic does this seem?

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