When Making a Murderer came on Netflix, I was hooked. Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, and of course Teresa Halbach, I couldn't find out enough! Now, one of the stars may be released from jail.

If you're like me, you kind of felt bad for Brendan Dassey. Of course, if he killed Teresa Halbach, he deserves to be in jail but I always got the sense that he wasn't the smartest and probably wouldn't have thought that whole murder through.

In 2007, Dassey was sentenced to life in prison after telling detectives that he helped his uncle Steven Avery rape and murder Halbach. According to News10 ABC, a three-judge panel reviewed the case and found that because he suffers from cognitive problems and he was so young at the time, his confession seemed to be coerced and because of that, Brendan Dassey should be released from prison.

That means that unless the state decides to retry Brendan Dassey, he will be released from his current life sentence. That means that they'll have to retry Dassey without that confession that got him there in the first place. The state department has 90 days to decide whether or not to retry or they must appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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