Crossgates Mall has already starting become a place that you don't just shop in but you can go for entertainment as well. They're growing even bigger with an update on the opening of their newest restaurant Maggie McFly's.

Maggie McFly's of Albany is a small chain that will soon be opening in Crossgates Mall. We heard the first announcement about the Connecticut-based restaurant what feels like a year or so ago with no word on when it was going to open. Rumors were that the deal fell through, that Crossgates Mall was looking for something to fill the space and none of that is true.

They were originally supposed to open in March but because of issues with their Washington D.C. location, had to press pause on the Albany location. We found out a little over a month ago that they were aiming for a June opening. Here we are in the middle of June and until yesterday, had heard no new news.

Maggie McFly's of Albany mentioned on Facebook that we will finally get an opening date next week. Now, when you go to a show at FunnyBone Albany or the brand new Skyloft, you'll soon have another option when it comes to dining. Since the last date we heard was in June, I can only imagine the announcement next week will be that it's opening very soon.

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