Kyle in Amsterdam writes:
Guys, this is going to sound really weird, but my girlfriend has this hang-up about my ex because she looks like someone famous.  I don't have any idea why it bothers her so much.  But a few months ago we got to talking and I told her that my ex-girlfriend looks like "Flo" from the Progressive commercials. So now, she actually gets mad at me or gives me dirty looks when the ads come on. We dated 4 years ago!!  When the ad comes on the tv, she makes snide comments and says things liker her hair is dreadful...It's ridiculous!  I know Geico promises to save me money in 15 minutes, but can you guys save my relationship in 3?
This bizarre email came from a listener who claims his girlfriend is hung-up over the celebrity his ex-girlfriend resembles: Flo from the Progressive ads,  Huh?
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