Nobody saw Moorehead State beating Louisville in the open round of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. I talked to about 200 people last night, and all of them said that they lost that game.

Louisville got screwed by the referees who did not call a three shot foul when their player was hacked unmercifully by the Moorehead State defender in the final seconds. The truth is that Lousiville should not have even had to win on the free throws they got robbed of. Louisville should have thrashed those guys by 30 in their sleep. It still is a shame that the referees blew that obvious call which would have definitely won the game for Louisville. I have the end of the game on a video from You Tube so you can see it for yourself.

Many of those same people said that they had Louisville as a Final Four team in their brackets. I was one them. The games were all very competitive to say the least and everyone was checking their smart-phones for text updates from ESPNand their various sports apps they had.

It was extremely exciting being in Glens Falls last night to see the crowds going nuts for Jimmer Fredette and BYU who won their first round game against Wofford. Who do you thing will be the victim of the next big NCAA upset? My guess is Pitt, in the second round. We'll see.

I took the Florida Gators to win it all and play Sand Diego State in the finals. Good luck with your brackets.

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