Can you hear that noise? It always makes its way around New York State this time of the year.

It's the all too familiar sound of Syracuse Men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim choking again in the NCAA Tournament! To be honest, I'm sick of it. Boeheim is arguably one of the best recruiters in the business, and has put teams together with tons of talent over the years.

The problem is that Jim Boeheim is a mediocre coach at best. If Dean Smith, Bobby Knight, Coach K, Roy Williams or Fran McCaffery had the teams that Boeheim had at Syracuse over the years SU would have at least 4 national championships by now.

Going back to the days of  the "Louie-Bouie" show, and "The Pearl" to present day SU hoops it has been one big let down after another. I'm sick of it, are you? I know you are.  If you won't say it, then I guess I will for you.

It's time for SU to fire Jim Boeheim. Today would be good! Lose to Marquette? I'm disgusted.

Watch the most painful moment for SU fans during the Boeheim "choke fest" era as Keith Smart hits the winning shot for Indiana against a sloppy 2-3 zone in the 1987 NCAA Championship. Watch it about 10 times, and then you'll agree with me for sure.

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