First, I have so many questions, but one of those questions is not where this happened because isn't it obvious? Thank you Whitehall!

You may remember a few months ago that Whitehall announced that they officially named Sasquatch their official animal after all of the sightings in the area. Well, you didn't think they'd stop there, right? This past weekend, they hosted the third annual Sasquatch calling contest to see who in attendance could make the best Sasquatch call.

First off, what exactly does Sasquatch sound like? How do we know someone sounds the most like Sasquatch without knowing? Well, 38 people decided to give it a try according to New York Upstate and there was even a film crew from ESPN there to film it! Apparently one of the judges was someone who has seen Sasquatch in the area and feels like he's best to judge how similar the sound is to the real thing. The winner ended up being Lisa Loeber of Hampton, NY who won the $100 prize and celecrated with a Sasquatch doll she brought from home.

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