Imagine you're finally ready to add four legs to your family and you find out it's a scam. That's what happened to a local woman and just in case you're looking, you need to know about it!

Amy Bosco was ready with open arms to welcome her new furry friend into her home to soon find out that she's been scammed, according to News10. Boscoe went to the Albany International Airport to pick up a puppy that she had purchased online.

The dog was supposed to be flown in from North Carolina and when the plane arrived, she soon realized that there was no dog on the plane. Their first thought was wondering where the poor little pit bull went but flight crew told her that there never was a dog on board.

The website she used had references, after some research it looked legitimate and was even given a positive review from a friend. They even spoke to the seller on the phone. Then, when the dog didn't show up, they called that same number to find that it had been disconnected.

According to the Mohawk Humane Society, most reputable breeders want to meet you and for you to meet the dog and are not very likely to send a dog on a plane alone without a more direct connection. They recommend looking to signs like the seller looking for gift cards, the photo on other websites, the seller prefers email communication, and the price is "too good to be true."

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