Geoff Snyder is a 40 year old art teacher at Ft. Plain Junior/Senior High School, he’s a dad, he lives with a pacemaker due to a heart defect, oh and by the way, he’s also an American Ninja Warrior.  We all watched the show last night in hopes of catching a glimpse of the 'Bionic Ninja' and were disappointed that we didn't see him. This morning, Geoff explained to Brian and Chrissy what prevented him advancing.

When you check out his Instagram page (geoff_snyder_) you can see all the crazy things he routinely puts his body through to not only stay in shape, but get it ready for the rigors of American Ninja Warrior.  While that part of his journey is over, Geoff isn't sweating his failed audition as just getting there was a dream come true!   Last night while the show was airing he was able to relax, have a beer with his friends and family,  and count his blessings in life. Cheers to that, Bionic Ninja!




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