When someone says free money, you think it's usually a scam or the title is clickbait. In this case, it's 100% not a scam and you read that right. Thanks to one man, there are actual $20 bills hidden all around the Capital Region, you just have to find them!

I came across the Facebook page "Find a Twenty" awhile ago but didn't think much about it, the updates stopped for a bit and I thought it was more of a one-time thing. Then CBS6 did a special about the page and reminded me. Now, I gotta get out and find myself a hidden $20!

Leo Quinn, the man behind the page, got the idea from two guys in Boston and decided to bring it to the Capital Region. As a small business consultant, Quinn said that he likes to hide the money at small businesses to bring more people to them. If you want to see where he's hiding the $20 each day for the month of August, you have to figure out the clues he leaves on the "Find a Twenty" Facebook page. Good luck!

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