In a scam where someone was trying to trick an elderly woman into signing over the deed to her Cohoes home, a man from Watervliet may be going to prison for a long time.


Three people all part in the scam, and two of the three were arrested last year, after an investigation took place. 44-year-old Michael O’Brien recently found out his fate due to his alleged involvement in the scam. He was found guilty of Conspiracy and Grand Larceny, and may be heading to jail for 15 years to life.

The investigation took place over a two month period last year, after a treasurer from the city of Cohoes received a call involving the victim's property. The conversation was with someone that claimed to be a member of the victim’s family, but that little chat evolved into something made made him suspicious. After the conversation continued, he knew that something wasn’t right when part of it included the victim’s grandchildren. The treasurer realized that he knew who the person was that the suspect was talking about, and knows that they do not have kids or grandchildren. That’s when the treasurer put a call into detectives with The Cohoes Police Department.

The investigation began and it led to the arrests of first two suspects, and charges of Grand Larceny and Conspiracy. They are 75-year-old Lauren Parker and 69-year-old Delia Price. Both suspects were found guilty.

According to the Albany County District Attorney’s Office and story from CBS 6 Albany, O’Brien allegedly tried to negotiate a deal with Mohawk Fine Papers, and sell the property to them, which was unsuccessful.