What are you going to be when you grow up? It is a timeless question that we love to ask kids. I often wonder if you really paid attention and tracked it , how many of those ids would actually grow up to be what they thought they would be.Sometimes I think that they are probably more accurate than we believe.

The other day, my 5-year-old, Caden, came home with a really cool book from ABC Nursery School in Clifton Park where they had the kids answer that question in a creative way and had them illustrate their answers. I love it.

They all asked the kids to fill in the blanks for this statement, "Today I am _____ and Tomorrow I will be _____."

Most of the kids said that today they are, soccer players, football players, kindergarten students, and dancers. My favorite "today" one was from a kid named Mason who said "Today I am a Ninja, tomorrow I will be an Army man."

As far as what they will be tomorrow, the kids had all sorts of answers like veterinarian, teacher, artist, all the way to garbage guy, worker at Hannaford, bracelet maker and Princess.

I think the most common was doctor, like this one from Peyton Henry.

ABC Nursery School


Many of the kids, including my very own Caden McMaster, said they wanted to be a Policeman.

ABC Nursery School

I have to say though my absolute favorite one was from Savannah Stackewicz who said "Today I am a soccer player, tomorrow I will be a nail salon owner."

ABC Nursery