As you know, it’s so important to me to help our neighbors, especially the kids!

So, I'm reaching out to the 'GNA family to help spread the word about such a cute little girl and her family as they set out to beat cancer!

Laila Pabon lives in Troy. She loves arts and crafts, dolls, and going to Chuck 'E Cheese and Hoffman's Playland. She is your everyday little girl!

Recently, Laila has been diagnosed with leukemia and she and her family need our help and prayers!

Laila’s mother will be caring for her while she is undergoing her treatments and will be unable to work as much as she needs to. If you are able, please donate to help cover the cost of some of Laila’s treatments.  Her and her family will need help so her mom can be with her on her journey to beat cancer.  As a father, I know I would want to be there every step of the way too.

Today actually started Laila’s  journey, she had a spinal tap and bone marrow biopsy to help determine her treatment options.

Visit Laila’s donation page to learn more about her and ways you can help. Every little bit helps! Please spread the word, let her family know we care and are thinking about her and sending positive thoughts and prayers their way!