If you have been putting off that annual fall leaf-peeping jaunt, wait no longer.

Every weekend this fall I have gotten locked into projects around the house. Considering over the next few weekends I will be in my personal hell of bagging 100 plus bags of leaves on my lawn, this is the weekend I plan on getting the family out for some fall fun. As far as our local foliage, the timing could not be better.

According to the I Love NY online foliage report most of the Capital Region and points around us will be at peak or near peak colors. The Adirondacks and Catskills are both peaking this weekend, and the Capital Region and Saratoga area will be near peak.

So this is the weekend to enjoy peak foliage, at least if you wanted to take in some colors in the mountains. I would imagine in the Capital Region you can stretch out the foliage viewing until next weekend.

Either way, these next two weekends take a moment to enjoy those leaves. Because maybe like me, you will be cursing them out two weekends from now as you pick them up off of your yard. Let's be honest, we'll be cursing them out every weekend through Thanksgiving!

One more thing: don't forget to start stocking up on lawn bags. Happy leaf-peeping and raking this fall!

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