A local town has been "dry" since 1933, but finally, they voted yes to making the town "wet" again.

Changing history, voters in Argyle have decided to relinquish the town's "dry" history to allow alcohol to be sold, according to the Post Star. We previously wrote about the history of Argyle and how the decision was up for a vote again this year. The question has been up for election 11 different times and each time the town decided to remain dry, until now.

The referendum included four different questions, including a restaurant's ability to sell alcoholic beverages, a tavern's ability to sell alcoholic beverages, "off-premises beer and wine cooler sales," as well as packages in wine and liquor stores. Each required a separate vote, and each passed.

The debate has always, in part, been about tradition vs. economic growth. Many residents felt that the town needed that option because the town needs it. Others wanted to keep with tradition and their history by staying dry.

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