I don't have to explain to the WGNA listeners the importance of the American farmer. I know that we all appreciate and value the contributions they make to our lives and the hardships that these small family farms face every day. Every year can be a struggle just to get by, even with the entire family working sunrise to sunset but when a tragedy like a barn fire strikes, the results are devastating.


This is what happened to Peter's Dairy Farm in Castleton just days ago. The fire destroyed the main barn and smaller barns that were attached to it. Paul Peter, the owner of the farm raced to get an extinguisher to put out the fire but by the time he got there he was pushed back by the growing smoke and flames. The family lost 28 calves and cows in the fire.

While the family has been devastated by the fire, the community has reached out to try to help and perhaps even save this farm, which has served this community for over 100 years. I know that many of you will want to do what you can to help as well.

If you think that you could spare a few dollars to help the Peter family restore the farm to working order and at least try to make up for the lost revenue that they will now be facing, please visit the website that was created to help raise money.

Just click that link and give what you can, I know that they will cherish all the support and prayers that we can send.