Live Like a Prince Inside this $3.5M Stunner in Downtown 'Toga

Most know that Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, better known as the Crown Prince of Dubai, has invested millions of dollars into the Saratoga economy since 2008.

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Two Princes! Crown Prince of Dubai with Prince William

The horse racing enthusiast and horse owner known simply as the Prince has been known to fly into town to catch one of his thoroughbreds in action.

But you don't need to be an actual Prince, King, or Queen to own this stunning property in Saratoga Springs, just listed for a cool $3.5 million!

Considered one of the finest pieces of real estate in all of Saratoga County, this spectacular building is located at 53 Church in Saratoga Springs and is known for its historical facade but few have seen "the inside" of this beauty - until now.

Listed recently by Roohan Realty, this historic building built in 1940 features two commercial spaces on the first floor and a total of 6 additional appts.

You don't need to be a Prince, King, or Queen to own this stunning property in Saratoga Springs, you'll just live like one with features that include:

  • A cornerstone unit with a four-level penthouse, gourmet kitchen and pantry, soaring ceilings, and exposed supports.
  • It features an actual dance studio
  • Two dining areas
  • A wide open great room
  • Fabulous master suite.
  • Rooftop pool and gardens

Few Have Seen Inside this $3.5M Stunner in Downtown 'Toga

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