I'm sure you have heard of this "Lingerie Football League". I know I have and I have to admit I have always thought it was just some gimmick to see hot chicks running around. Now, am I OK with that? Yes. I may have to take another long look into this league though , as it seems from this video that there is some actual serious football being played by these girls.

This is a clip of Nikki Johnson, who seems to be playing for a team called the Ragina Rage, yes Ragina. Anyway, this girl who from the clip seems to be the teams quarterback decides to run the ball in from the 7 yard line. What you have to look for is the hit she puts on the defender as she crosses the goal line. It is worthy of any "Hit of the week" reel.  She lowers her shoulder plants her feet and delivers a message to that girl! I love it.

I think you will too, enjoy.