Kevin Bacon did a very funny video on Mashable that is a very funny lesson for millennials. After you see the video this song might make more sense.  Ok, first you have to do your assignment and watch this video from Bethany's article.

Great!   Now that you've absorbed Kevin Bacon's brand of humor, it's time to hear what our faithful Sean, Richie and Bethany listeners came up with using this as the first line...

"Before 1985 you had no idea how hard life was"…..

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Here's what you came up with ( and special thanks to Bethany and Producer Dave for contributing their one-liners~

mp3                                            Lyrics  

Before 1985 you had no idea you had no idea how hard life was
and we didn't get no trophies for showing up or just becuz
Moms and dads and teachers were in charge    ( get to bed)
and I always got stuck dancing with an ugly girl named Marge
 Values were taught around the family table       (napkin on your lap)
 not from video games and not from cable                       on
 We had actual conversations and people went  outside to play
(and we had to) turn the knob on the radio to find GNA
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