So on today's couch I shared some movie news and a study about the most paused on movie scene's of all time. The list and the couch are below.

--Well, the people at LOVEFiLM . . . which is basically a European version of Netflix . . . polled their subscribers and came up with what they claim are the 10 Most Paused Movie Moments.  And yeah, most of them include nudity.  Here they are . . .

#1.)  Sharon Stone crossing her legs in "Basic Instinct",  31%  (--

 #2.)  Jennifer Lopez's naked rear in "The Back-Up Plan",  16%

#3.)  Stormtrooper bangs his head, "Star Wars",  15% 

#4)  Jamie Lee Curtis flashing her breasts in "Trading Places",  8% 

#5)  Jessica Rabbit goes commando in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit",  6%


 #6.)  Brad Pitt flashes behind doctor in hospital in "Fight Club",  5% 

 #7.)  Captain America's shield appears on desk in "Iron Man 2",  4% 

 #8.)  Dust spells out "S.F.X." in "The Lion King",  3%

 --This one probably gets a lot of play because it looks so much like it spells "SEX".  But it IS S.F.X.  It was a self-shout-out inserted by the special effects people.  

 #9.)  Pac Man's cameo in "Tron",  2% 

 #10.)  Nicole Kidman flashes her rear end in "Eyes Wide Shut",  1%